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Meet ARBY AI, your new unbiased and independent AI arbiter

ARBY AI constantly collaborates and learns from our team of human worldclass legal experts and arbitrators. As well as a steadily increasing amount of casework. He is quickly getting versed in various domains from intellectual property to insurance disputes.

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My mission is to enable swift dispute resolution for everyone!

The future of Arbitration, now

ARBY AI offers AI-powered Arbitration, Mediation and Dispute Prevention Services. From your small business to billion user marketplace platforms.

Our industry-leading technology is a reliable, fast, cost-effective neutral who enables easy and affordable alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for everyone.

  • Trustworthy and reliable technology built to learn and work together with the most trusted human legal talent in the world

  • Fast, incredibly easy and accessible alternative dispute resolution, worldwide, 24/7

  • Cost-effective service that scales to the smallest cases and highest volumes at reference standard quality of justice